Get MindFit and always be at your PEAK.

People ~ Performance ~ Purpose

Nicole works with you to strategise and deploy signature MindFit techniques that ensure no matter what is happening in your work life or in daily life, you have the knowledge, the strength, and the know-how to keep on climbing and feel like you are winning again.

Nicole Monteforte

Nicole combines an avid intellect with a keen understanding of human nature and how using your body to change your mood is the way forward through life’s obstacle field. Nicole has used those skills to help build PURPOSE DRIVEN businesses, teams and individuals. She now works as a MindFit Expert for Leaders, Teams and People in finding their new way of operating – WITH MEANING.

Nicole is self-possessed, motivated, and extremely successful and on a mission to inspire the world into learning how to keep on climbing when you just want to stop.

Do you find yourself overreacting to the small stuff?


Let Nicole show you techniques on how to hack your stress and find your calm.

Do you constantly feel like you are agitated and on edge and just want to stay in bed?


Nicole can teach you how a good scream can be the easiest remedy.

How can Nicole help

Signature Workshops

Whether a Start Up, Small Business or Corporate, Nicole can take your business to new heights.

My Book

Learn how to “Hack your stress to find your calm”, no meditation required.

Scale Up Programs

Nicole will tailor a program to your needs to help you develop or grow your business.

Mental Fitness

Never stop climbing


On a mission to educate the fiercely ambitious on becoming Mind-fit and always be operating at their PEAK.

Discovery Call

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to grow your business. Or maybe you are ready to reinvent yourself or your business.

Enjoy a complimentarily 30 minute discovery call with Nicole and get started on your climb to the peak NOW.

Nicole helped me transform my dream into a product ready for launch.

Niko Leontakianakos


Nicole is a force of nature. She is a majestic, all-seeing and formidable business coach who combines her track record in real business with an impressive emotional quotient to draw the best from teams.  Her powers can initiate re-imagine or turn around your business.

Emma Barry

Good Soul Hunting

She has a unique talent for creating big visions and mobilising people to achieve results.

Kylee Stone

Linked In Top 20 Voices & Founder

Who Nicole has worked with

Adaptation Ability

Adaptation Ability

I think it's important to say that what causes a stress response of any kind and grieving as a result of a stress response is our inability to adapt...