Are you a diamond in the rough and ready to shine?

No matter the challenges you face, you possess the untapped potential to rise, transform, and embrace your inner diamond, so you can shine like the star you are.

For the want to be high-flyer feeling like they are not where they want to be, or the entrepreneur feeling stuck despite immense potential, Nicole is your guiding light to holistic stardom. Whether you’re grappling with executing your grand vision or seeking that explosive growth for your business, Nicole offers the clarity, strategies, and transformative processes you’ve been seeking.

Leveraging a profound intellect, deep-dive experiences spanning a gamut of challenges and triumphs, and an innate grasp of the human spirit, Nicole stands ready to navigate you past any hurdle. With a legacy of building purpose-driven ventures, she now champions the roles of a Strategy Maven, Execution Specialist, and Stress Management Guru. Her goal? To propel individuals toward their peak, blending purpose with achievement. Resilient, driven, and an epitome of success, Nicole’s mission resonates deeply: Inspire the world to relentlessly ascend, even when every fiber suggests otherwise

Hack your stress

Do you find yourself overreacting to the small stuff? Nicole show
you techniques on how to hack your stress and find your calm.


Do you constantly feel like you are stuck and not sure what direction you want your business or life to take? Let Nicole work with you on creating a strategy for optimal success.


Feel like things aren’t getting done and you are not achieving true potential? Let Nicole show you to how implement and execute to optimise your life or your business and perform at your peak.

Whether you’re a CEO, founder, salesperson, athlete, busy parent or somewhere in between, Nicole can help you get to your peak.


A bite sized course on how to quickly and effectively manage our stress so you can be happier, calmer and more productive in daily life.


A 1 hour coaching session with just the two of us, every week for 8 weeks to fast track your results and unlock your potential.


Personalised workshops with your business or team to drive optimal performance for everyone.

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