1 On 1 Coaching

What Is It?

Nicole’s Believe To Achieve coaching program is not for the faint hearted and will push you to new heights of mental health and success. Purposely created for those ready to make life changing commitments and go beyond their limits, Nicole’s coaching will create the momentum and progress you’ve been looking for.

This program breaks down the four essential elements that you need to become the ‘eye of the storm’ rather than getting caught in its destruction. It’s broken into the 4 following modules:
  1. Awareness — Uncovering your blind spots.
  2. The Climb — Overcoming obstacles in your path.
  3. Momentum – Riding the wave to fulfilling success.
  4. Peak — Refining your focus and attention.

You Will Learn…

What is stopping you from performing at your best every day.

What ‘Adaptation Ability’ is and how it affects your performance.
Easy techniques to hack my stress and get your focus back.
The different communication styles and how to adapt to be heard.
How to habit stack to support me through the tough times.
How to time block and stay focused on a target.
How to ‘say no’ when things become too much.
The impact stress has on your ability to get results.
How to switch the stress narrative for good.

8 x 60 minute sessions over 8 weeks.

$1760 + GST upfront or $250 + GST weekly for 8 weeks.

1 hour per week

Every week we will spend 1 hour a week together which can be done face to face or virtually. These sessions include studies, self assessments, worksheets and purposeful intentions.

weeks 1 - 4

We focus on deep questioning and conversations that lead us to uncovering current core thinking and beliefs and start to create new actions for long term behavioural change.

weeks 5 - 8

Once you’ve uncovered your key areas from weeks 1 – 4, we spend time on your specific needs. This ensures you maintain improved productivity, purpose and performance.
meet your coach

Nicole Monteforte

I am an experienced C-Suite Executive, Founder and Speaker with over 30 years experience who has led numerous teams across multiple sectors to success.

I am on a mission to show leaders, businesses and teams how to reach new peaks in ever changing times, so they can continue to perform without compromising people’s well-being.

I combine my intellect with a keen understanding of human nature and have spent the last 10 years overcoming more obstacles that most would deal with in a lifetime. This is not touchy-feely stuff, but purposeful, personal and enhancement boosting work that will generate real results for you.

My mission is to take the fiercely brilliant and ambitious and show them how to operate at their peak power for long term sustainable results both with health and wealth.

What Nicole’s Clients Say

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