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Burnout Is A Major Threat To The Stability Of The Workforce.

Burnout unfolds insidiously in stages over a lengthy process, where all three of its core symptoms become increasingly intense.

A state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged work-related stress.
Growing alienation from work because of increased stress, frustration, cynicism, and emotional numbness.
Decline in performance due to compromised concentration, creativity, and positivity.

The magic only happens when senior management understand and are motivated to invest in the strategic relevance of wellbeing. Left unattended, it can carry significant risk of negatively impacting business performance across several measures and its ability to deliver significant ROI or realise potential opportunities.

For other high achieving, career-oriented professionals, prolonged periods of overwhelm can tip them into an equally extreme but opposite direction. Instead of ‘acting out’, their distress and dysfunction manifests as ‘acting in’, triggering a state of hypo-arousal. Instead of the classic ‘fight-flight’ reaction, their central nervous systems go into an extended ‘freeze’ response

Put bluntly, burnout impairs both an individual’s and an organisation’s ability to thrive and grow sustainably. It is highly correlated with a litany of physical and mental health conditions such as elevated blood pressure, heart disease, compromised immune system, anxiety, depression and impaired cognitive functioning. Burnout is also negatively correlated with wellbeing, job satisfaction and performance.

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What Is Stress & Anxiety Really?

Stress is a maladaptive response, which is known as the fight or flight reaction usually due to a change in
expectation. It’s a reaction that you’re having to an environmental situation. This means a stress reaction is a
reaction that the body is having, in an attempt to make the demand for change, go away. Why does it occur?
Firstly because there is too much pressure for too long, and the body’s ability to adapt is reduced to nothing. This
means even the most resilient and capable peopel finally snap, which leads to a big burnout.


The “Preventative Stress And Burn Out Hacks Nobody Talks About” Workshop ($4000 + GST)

CYThis workshop has been designed by Nicole Monteforte on the back of her latest book ‘Stuff Yoga – Learn to Scream:  Hack Your Stress and Find your calm’.  Using her decade of experience with stress, burnout and major losses along with her background in human movement and wellness, she teaches you all the scientifically proven hacks that she discovered herself out of pure necessity.  These are hacks that work every time that no one ever talks about.  This is a workshop all businesses should be implemeting to support the health and wellbeing of their most important assets – their PEOPLE.

From Burned Out To Lit Up

Know the importance of your health and success

Know the signs when you are becoming overwhelmed
Become competent in managing work/life balance
Appreciate the connection between health and wealth

Understand what your stress triggers are

R7 Formula for REINVENTION

Understand what led to your burnout

Recognise the signs that lead to your stress

Become competent in managing your downtime

Create a week plan that guarantees peak performance

Learn 3 stress/burnout hacks to find my calm

meet your coach

Nicole Monteforte

I am an experienced C-Suite Executive, Founder and Speaker with over 30 years experience who has led numerous teams across multiple sectors to success.

I am on a mission to show leaders, businesses and teams how to reach new peaks in ever changing times, so they can continue to perform without compromising people’s well-being.

I combine my intellect with a keen understanding of human nature and have spent the last 10 years overcoming more obstacles that most would deal with in a lifetime. This is not touchy-feely stuff, but purposeful, personal and enhancement boosting work that will generate real results for you.

My mission is to take the fiercely brilliant and ambitious and show them how to operate at their peak power for long term sustainable results both with health and wealth.

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